Bono of U2 once said, before performing Helter Skelter, 'This is a song Manson stole from the Beatles. We're stealing it back.' I'm stealing back pop music from chart shows and talent contests, fun tho' they are. Music can also help and inspire us 

Music, words and pictures to inspire you 

Inspirational music
Inspirational posters screensavers
Inspirational posters screensavers
Inspirational music books
Be uplifted 
Previous generations turned to poetry and the Classics when they needed inspiration in hard times or were striving to change their lives. Today pop music and lyrics offer us comfort or hope. Inspiration Jukebox gives free access to

  • Powerful lyrics to print out and pin up or sing
  • Classic and lesser known inspiring pop videos
  • Motivational images  to turn into screensavers or posters
  • Books about  music and living a happy life

Just click on the images above.  

I have also created a Spotify account that has playlists of songs about topics such as self esteem and keeping going. If you do not already have a Spotify account it is both easy and fast to create one. They ask for very few details. It is also possible to create a free account. Spotify is at

Once you have joined look for the search button on the web version or the search

bar on the top left of the desktop app. In this search box, type

spotify:user:inspirationjukebox. Your friend's profile will then appear in the main

window. Click on the Follow button. You will then be able to hear my playlists. (Scroll down about half way to listen to the ones on themes around self esteem and assertiveness.)


More than just great music - great ideas and people too
Though music is very inspirational, to successfully achieve your aspirations you may need other help too. So as well as a jukebox of great songs in all sorts of styles, this site also has information about ideas, books and organisations. These all tie in with the themes of the lyrics. They also go into areas that few lyrics deal with. There are many songs about being yourself. How do you decide what this means? What is being 'me' and what is simply what I've learnt from society? If everything is learnt, which bits do I choose to drop and which bits to carry on with?

One organisation I'm highlighting that is good at helping you answer this kind of question is Co-counselling International. CCI, as it is also known, gives people the tools to counsel with each other. This way you get a chance to have someone really listen to you. This person also reminds you of the skills you have learnt to solve your own problems and take charge of own life. You then swap over and you listen. Nobody gives advice. Everything shared is confidential. Once you have done CCI's cheap 40 hour training, you have the potential for free problem solving skills and support for life. CCI also have a network you can join and inexpensive 'Create a better life' holidays you can go on.

Bonus track: The secret of happiness and the meaning of life
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If you want to use music to help others with issues around happiness, wellbeing and health click here for my 300 page guide or here for a short summary.

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