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Want to share any tracks with the Inspiration Jukebox?

If you do, complete the form below. I'm not bothered about the style of music or if I personally like them or not. As long as I feel that the lyrics fit the spirit of the site I'll add them. I'm not religious however, so I'd encourage you to create your own
site if religious songs are important to you. (Please keep coming back to this one too though. I'm sure we'll still share a lot of human needs and values in common.)

I'm also not looking for songs with specific party political views e.g. socialist, Republican etc. I actually have a lot of this kind of song on my iPod. However, I want to keep the jukebox more general so it can inspire everyone to want to make a difference. What that difference should be, I leave other websites to provide a forum to debate.

I'm also not including general love songs. However if I like the relationships tips in them I'll add them in. I won't use different versions of the same song either.

It would help me if you sent me the information like this:

  • Song: (With a link to YouTube or whatever)
  • Artist 
  • Lyrics: (Again with a link) 
  • Comments: (If you want I can add your name here too.)
  • Section it should go in e.g. 'Friendship' or 'Children'

It may take me a while to add them. Please don't think that I don't appreciate you sending them in. NLP therapy encourages people to see things in a different light. Take any delays as an opportunity to practice your patience!


PS Please let me know of any broken links, errors etc. via  Thanks.




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