Most pop music is about our own feelings, our relationships
with other people or wanting to change the wider world in
some way. The books on this page back up the tracks on
these topics in the rest of the Jukebox. Elvis is here as a
reminder that one way or another everyday we continue to
write another chapter in our lives, be it tragedy, farce or
adventure story

Feelings and understanding ourselves
Books and materials to download from this website on this topic:

"I really hope you live out your dreams": A booklet about how to live a happy life in the format of a chart countdown

Secret of Happiness: Handout on research into this topic

Understanding Emotions: A key ingredient of a happy life handout

* I have also produced the text of a book for children and their carers on feelings, featuring a pop loving genie. If you'd like to illustrate it for nothing let me know. I'll then add it to this page for people to download. The book is called Sweet Gene Genie

I've found Humanistic Psychology to be a good way of understanding myself better. To find out more try
* 'The Mind Gynasium' by Denis Postle. 
'Ordinary Ectasy' by John Rowan. Not always an easy read at times but it does give a good overview. 

* 'In Our Own Hands' about how to use Humanistic Psychology in groups. There is also a small section on co-counselling.  The book is by Sheila Ernst and Lucy Goodison.

Also check out the books
'Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway' by Susan Jeffers if you want some ideas on how to survive or thrive in emotionally stressful situations.

'Sweat Your Prayers' by Gabrielle Roth if you'd prefer to deal with your emotions through dance.

Below is a selection of very different books on understanding and improving your relationships
* 'Getting the Love you Want' by Harville Hendrix

'Passage to Intimacy' by Lori H Gordon

'A Little Love in the Real World' by Rhonda Pritchard

'Don't Sweat the Small Stuff in Love' by Richard and Kris Carlson  

Changing the World
If you are interested in the history and use of music to try to create a better world try
* 'When the Music's Over' by Robin Deneslow. (It is out of print but you may be able to get a second hand copy.)

'This is Serbia Calling' by Matthew Collin

* 'The Resisting Muse: Popular Music and Social Protest', an academic book edited by Ian Peddie

Also check out my document 'Sex and Drugs and Rock and... Health'. This is about using music, comedy etc to change health behaviour. The techniques however can be used on other topics too.

I have also produced a curriculum for schools that might interest some of you. Click here to see it. Teachers may like to think about how they could use some of the songs from the Inspiration Jukebox to teach it

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