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At co-counselling events there
are always a wide range of
things to do offered on
stick-its every morning. The reason
 for the variety is that the people there offer or ask for what they want. Click
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'Co-counselling events? For me they are a mixture of healing old hurts, fun, excitement and feeling loved by so many special people'

The co-counselling toolkit can help us get more in touch with our feelings and deal with them. We have found that this often helps improve how we get on with people.

Co-counselling also offers a great opportunity to bond with people at special events. We call these 'workshops' because we work on ourselves. However, parties or festivals would be equally true

names. Many local networks organise free community days where co-counsellors get together to share in groups, feel safe, learn and connect.

There are also a range of other events for co-counsellors. These are organised for nothing. The cost of board and lodging can vary. Typical prices may be £30 for a weekend where people share chores to a few hundred pounds for longer events where cooked food is provided.

Ask for what you need
Events are so much cheaper, but just as good, as places like Findhorn, Skyros or Esalen because there are no paid leaders. 

Co-counselling has being going for over 30 years and is based on equality. There are no gurus. Instead we have agreed ways of doing things and lots of experience plus support for new people who want to make a contribution.

A typical day at an event begins with an opening circle. People volunteer to lead these. Everyone sits around on cushions or chairs and is given time to express how they feel. To create a sense of community there are often games or songs. There is also a chance to sort out practical issues.

Anyone can offer a
mini-workshop on any topic e.g. meditation, relationships or relaxing events such as massage held in the evening. Alternatively, you can ask someone if they will put on something for you or with you.

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