Paul McCartney gunk
Paul McCartney (above) and John Lennon are credited as
the writers of "All You Need Is
Love", which John saw as part
of using art to change the
World. I used to think this a bit
naive. However, through my
experience of Co-counselling
I've come to believe that love
is important in politics. It is both
a means to achieve other things and the ultimate 
aim that we should be
working towards creating in the


"So many of the world's problems are made worse by people either repressing their feelings or acting on them when they shouldn't. Any way of understanding how your feelings effect how you see the World has my vote."

Co-counselling can help you make more of your life. If you want however you can also use its toolkit of skills in other ways. It can be used to look at how to change any issue from power politics in your relationship to power politics in the outside world.

You may also find that the positive view of people it offers in theory and in your own experience inspires you in unforeseen ways.

The experience of working as equals with others in pairs or in larger numbers may also make you want to take this into the outside world.


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