Co-counselling has often brought
me out in a grin as wide and as
bright as a banana. I remember
feeling this way while sharing, 
playing or working with one other
person, in a group or over a meal.


'I've felt every emotion while
co-counselling. Deep pain. Loving sadness. Powerful anger. But most often happiness and love'

Co-counselling is a way to make your life even better, where you smile more often.

It does this in a number of ways;

  • It teaches you how to get in touch with all your emotions, enjoyable and painful, and learn from them


  • It helps you to better reflect on your life, so as to become aware of damaging beliefs, habits or behaviours. You can then begin to change them
  • It offers you the opportunty to join networks of other co-counsellors, where you can experiment with who you want to be, experience the joy of life and feel safe and connected with other people

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