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"Just what I always wanted!" Give
yourself a present of what you
need. Co-counselling is  a cheap
 but effective way to sort out what
 you want and how to get it, as well
as a model for life


Give yourself what you need
'Co-counselling a way into a happier life'

  • Give yourself a toolkit to help you make a success of all parts of your life, heal unhappiness and reduce stress
  • Join a network of people who share these aims
  • Treat yourself to holidays that add to this process and are great fun

Be your own life coach
Co-counselling International (CCI) is a group of us across the world who have all learnt the same skills. These help us understand more about our thoughts and feelings and so take more control of our own lives. We spend time with each other in pairs. The time is split equally. Half of the time one person talks

and the other listens as well as reminding the talker of the tools they both have learnt. These tools help us get in touch with feelings and think anew about solving problems. For the second half of the time the two people swap roles.

No one makes any suggestions. No money changes hands. Just two people using the same therapy tools. (So no mystery either.)

Just two people but amazingly powerful.

Available in your own home
Some people find this simple process so powerful they always work with the same person in each others' homes or somewhere else convenient. But if you want to, you can join networks of people who have all learnt co-counselling.

These networks offer days where you can all focus on common issues. These could include problems at home, deciding what you want to do with your life or dealing with anger. Alternatively, you can just talk about what is important to you at that moment.

Holidays where you'll come back a different person
You can also go on cheap holidays where people share different skills. These could include psychodrama, voice work and dynamic meditation as well as fun things such as dancing. A major part of these events is creating a sense of community. This means you can be yourself, take risks and be supported.

Find out more
The rest of the CCI pages on this website  tell you more about

  • The many benefits of co-counselling
  • How it fits in with psychology theory
  • The 40 hour training (costing around £200)
  • What to do next if you are interested

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