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Hi and thanks for visiting Inspiration Jukebox. Hope you find it both entertaining and useful. 

I thought that some of you might be interested in knowing a bit more about my background to help you decide on how far you can take what I've written as Gospel, if you excuse the pun. 

I have a politics degree and a post-graduate diploma in health education. I've worked in sex education, as well as specialising in both emotional health and community development.  

Outside of work I have my own website on using pop music, comedy and popular culture to help people and change the world. This is at  (and also 

I've been involved in personal growth and therapy, particularly co-counselling, for over 20 years. This has including training, counselling and running groups.  

 I love to dance and, whilst proudly having no talent myself, delight in music. 

The result of all this is my labour of love; Inspiration Jukebox.

If you want to contactl me about anything other than song suggestions email

Let me know of any broken links, errors etc. via this email address too. Thanks.

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