sweat your prayers
The five rhythms are 
* Flowing
* Staccato
* Chaos
* Lyrical
* Stillness

Five Rhythms 1:

Exercise your mind, body and spirit

Traditional therapy doesn't appeal to everybody. Many forms of it are based around words, often about thoughts and sometimes about feelings. Gabrielle Roth has invented, 5 Rhythms, a system of personal development that puts much more emphasis on the body.

Her approach doesn't teach steps but instead encourages you to join a dance that has five stages and rhythmns. These she believes have a natural cycle to them that encourage a healthy mind, body and spirit in the individual.

Taught classes are run all over the World 

including in the USA and UK. People also often run cheaper events without teachers for people who have done 5 Rhythms before. For more information cllick here.

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