'A poet gives words to those who have none' - Robert Graves

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E-love - Everyone needs a little inspiration
If you enjoyed this website and found it useful you might like to share its inspiration with others. Below is a range of goodies under different headings to send to people.

E-cards and gifts for people needing support
 "Tasted any nourishing songs recently?" e-card

Somewhere Over The Rainbow e-card

* Picture Songs: Images celebrating well-known positve songs

"I really hope you live out your dreams": A booklet about how to live a happy life in the format of a chart countdown

Secret of Happiness: Handout on research into this topic

Understanding Emotions: A key ingredient of a happy life handout

* I have also produced the text of a book for children and their carers on feelings, featuring a pop loving genie. If you'd like to illustrate it for nothing let me know. I'll then add it to this page for people to download. The book is called Sweet Gene Genie

Thank you e-cards
* "On backing vocals..."

Congratulations e-cards
* New baby

E-cards for people who'd love this site
Aristole and karaoke

* Dance naked

"Just for you" jukebox

* Mixtape

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T-shirt transfers
Print out the below designs on transfer 'paper' and make T-shirts for yourself and your friends. The designs are partly based around the history of popular music e.g.
- Bob Dylan's hero, Woody Gutherie had a guitar with 'This Machine Kills Fascists' on it
- The motto of Tamla Motown was 'The Sound of Young America'
- Frankie Goes To Hollywood had a range of 'Frankie Says' T-shirts in the
But Shelley and the Buddha also make their presence known.

* This Machine...


* The Sound of...

* Frankie Says...

* Koan

* Poets are...

* Humanity...

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