'Music is the most powerful tool for expressing emotion that’s available to us as human beings’ - Alex Kapranos from the band Franz Ferdinand

Joy and calm (Flourishing)

This page is a quick overview about 'joy and calm'. If you just want to listen to the music on this theme click on the links below:
* Let it be
* Relax
* A good morning
* Celebrate

Highly recommended: 'I Can See Clearly Now' by Johnny
Nash (Lyrics)

Many of the inspiring pieces of music in this jukebox are calls to action, encouraging you to live out your dreams. Sometimes of course though it is good to simply stop striving, accept life and live in the moment. Celebrate or simply take in what is around you.

The music in this section help you do this.

As a good general read I'd recommend 'How to be Happy' by Liz Hoggard.

I also found Co-counselling International to be a good place to be aware of all the things there are to celebrate in my life.

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