In ‘No Surrender’ Bruce Springsteen talks about learning more from a 3 minute record than he ever learnt at school. Much as I believe in music, why not also listen to what some interesting organisations have to say

Life changing groups
Below are five groups or organisations that to a greater or less extent have changed my life. You might find them useful. There is more information about them on other pages on this site.

Co-counselling International (CCI)
CCI teaches people how to be happier and more successful. The focus is on how to deal better with your emotions and becoming more aware of how beliefs from your childhood affect your life today. In practice this means learning to become both a client and a counsellor. Once you have done this you can work with anyone else who has also done the training. You share the time equally between you, so as to get free therapy. However, no one interprets or criticises. The counsellor simply reminds the other person about the skills they both have learnt to get in contact with feelings, think more clearly and act differently to improve their life.

CCI also run free groups and cheap self development holidays. As well as counselling, the holidays often also include meditation, dance, psychodrama, singing, voice work and other activities. For more information from the Jukebox click here or visit a CCI site here.

5 Rhythms Dance
5 Rhythms dance has no steps to it. However, there is a sequence of five moods of dance to move to. These are in a particular order to help you get in touch with your emotions as well as your body. This helps you both to feel more in contact with yourself and to connect with other people in the group. You may well take these benefits away with you after you have finished dancing. There are taught classes in many towns and cities as well as free groups for more experienced dancers. For more information from the Jukebox click here or visit an official site here.

Nonviolent Communication (NVC)
NVC can help you to learn skills to deal with conflict in your life and turn it into a positive way forward. They teach people how to listen more effectively and as a result know what to say to others. They also explain human behaviour so that you can understand yourself and other people more, and be more forgiving - of yourself as well as others. They are interested in conflict at home, at work, between different communities and in political hotspots. For more information from the Jukebox click here. Alternatively to visit an NVC site about their courses and materials click here. 

PAIRS (Practical Application of Intimate Relationship Skills)
PAIRS takes a similar approach to NVC in many ways but goes into much more detail around how to have a successful 'love' relationship. They teach a range of skills to explore who you are, how you relate to other people and how to improve on this. Unfortunately at the moment they don't run courses in the UK.For more information from the Jukebox click here. To find out about their US courses or to order materials click here.

Re-evaluation Counseling (RC)
Like CCI, RC teaches you how to counsel for free with another person. However, the follow up courses they run focus on how the groups you belong to effect you. So for example they have events on being a man, being working class, being Afro-American etc. For more information from the Jukebox click here. For more information from RC itself click here.

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