Below are a number websites that tie in with some of the themes of Inspiration Jukebox. Some are about using music to improve your own life and some about improving the lives of others. There are also a range of more general sites.

I am not specifically recommending any of them but I do hope that you find them useful.

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Happiness and life satisfaction - Organisations mentioned in this website
* Co-counselling International (CCI): 

- Co-counselling in America: 

- Co-counselling in Germany: and

- Co-counselling in Holland: 

- Co-counselling in Hungary:

- Co-counselling in Ireland:

- Co-counselling in Israel:

- Co-counselling in New Zealand:

- Co-counselling in Scotland: and 

- Co-counselling in the rest of the UK:

- Co-counselling worldwide:

* 5 Rhythms Dance:

* Nonviolent Communication (NVC):

* PAIRS (Practical Application of Intimate Relationship Skills):

* Re-evaluation Counseling (RC):

Happiness and life satisfaction - Other
* Psychologies Magazine:

* School of Life, UK courses in life satisfaction:

* Stressed to Zest (A research-evidence based blog on stress, health and well-being):

Music - Social change tool
* Creative Partnerships. Using music and arts as tools to help young people develop their ability to think for themselves:

* Health education songs and musicals for children: 






-  (Thanks to Sabrina D and Mia for this)


- (Thanks to Sabrina D and Mia for this suggestion too)

* Musicians United for Songs In the Classroom, Inc:

* Rock Hall of Fame (Lessons plans based around music):

* Sacred Songs: 

* Sex & Drugs & Rock & Health: 

* Shipyard Songwriters:

* Young at Heart older people's rock choir:

* The Zimmers pop band of older people: 

Music - Health issues CD websites
The Colour's Coming Back CD about people with cancer: 

* Maria Logis' songs about her experience of cancer:

* Skinny Songs CD about losing weight:

Music - Singing
* Singing: (Thanks to the Phillips class for the very last one, and Lindsay for the one before that)  (This was a suggestion of some Californian Girl Scouts and contains some health related songs) 

- (Thanks to Sam P for her suggestion to include some ideas about music theory in this section too)

* Complaints Choirs: but also see

* Workplace teambuilding: 
Music - Song books and sheet music etc
* Rise Up Singing! Songbook:  

Music -Therapy and related approaches
* American Music Therapy Asssociation:

* Association of Professional Music Therapists: 

* Institute for Music and Health:

Music - UK festivals with a purpose
* The Big Green Gathering in Hertfordshire, which has an environmental theme:

* Buddhafield festivals in Devon, include talks on personal and social change from a Buddhist perspective:

* Glastonbury has supported a range of causes over the years e.g. Greenpeace, WaterAid and Oxfam:

* Greenbelt Festival in Cheltenham - Christianity with a social conscience:

*  Leamington Peace Festival - Event promoting peace, equality and environmental issues:

* Liverpool Working Class Music Festival - Songs about social change: 

* Raise Your Banners - Songs about social change performed in Bradford:

* New Games UK - Not computer or board games, you just play these with people:

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