If you are musical, why not organise a event where you can play some of the songs from this website or dance to them? It could be just for fun, to help educate people or to raise money. If you do form a tribute band to humanity don't forget to check out performing rights issues in your country first though. You may need to pay a small fee for performing other people's songs.

Alternatively, why not start a singing telegram service specialising on songs from this jukebox or go singing door to door? You could even ask your local education department or health promotion service if they want you to perform for them? What ever seems possible in your own country.

I can also now see a variety of other ways of using the Inspiration Jukebox resource:
* Creating choirs of people to sing the music either just to themselves or to other people (or even to use at political events)
* Using it as the basis of participative movement e.g. slow reflective dances in the way that Universal Peace Dances make use of text from different religious traditions or experimenting with using it in forms similar to 5 Rhythms
* Holding music clubs for people unable for whatever reason to read a novel and take part in a book club. Instead they can listen to a 4 minute song and then discuss it
* Using music to explore and share who we are. I have facilitated therapeutic groups where people take it turn to share pieces of music. In their own time they can do whatever they want; dance, sing-along, talk, ask other people to join it etc. This has been very powerful, though I have only done it with experienced counsellors. I have often provided lyric books, based on the Jukebox, for people who might have trouble thinking of a relevant piece of music
* Creating mini-musicals from pre-existing songs. See my November 2010 blog here for further information. This could be to perform to others or simply for the singers to enjoy or reflect upon. The example I gave in the blog I have used in a counsellors' group. We all sang along and it was very moving and powerful, and brought up lots of issues for people

...and more!
As far as I know there are no CDs on the market on themes such as empowerment. You might fancy making one.

Media professionals might also think about using these songs in specialist TV or radio programmes.

Another idea, would be to create a network of websites like Inspiration Jukebox. If your first language isn't English why not create a site in your own tongue. Others of you may want to make an inspirational music website for the network that has more of a political or religious angle to it.

I'm happy to publicise all relevant shows, events, websites or products on this site.

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