Nonviolent communication
"I really recommend 'Nonviolent
Communication' by Marshall B.
Rosenberg and published by
PuddleDancer Press.

Skills for life

"I liked school but most of what I learnt I never use. I wish instead I'd found out about dealing with conflict and other useful skills."

Many of my friends have good things to say about Non-violent Conflict courses. I've only read the introductory book, although I also get regular updates from them by email.

I found the book really helpful in sorting out how the language I and other people use can both confuse and upset the person it is directed at. I'm also aware that the language 

I use often is more an instant reaction than awell thought out response. This is as true for conversations I have in my head as with other people. For example if I say to myself 'Treat other people as you would like to be treated yourself', it's actually quite imprecise. Other people are different from me. They may not want to be treated the same. Instead I'll try to listen more to people to find out their own needs. For more information about NVC courses and resources click here 

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