Passage to Intimacy
The most well known exercise that appears
 in this book is the Daily Temperature Reading.This an opportunity every day to
1) Appreciate your partner
2) Give new information
3) Ask about puzzles
4) Request changes
5) Share hopes and dreams


Good loving

PAIRS, Practical Application of Intimate Relationship Skills, is an organisation set up to help people improve the way they are in a relationship.
They run courses, have a website and publish books such as 'Passage to Intimacy'. These are for people both currently in a relationship and single.

They help you
* Recognise when how you communicate is more of problem than the issue you are talking about
* Express your emotions without your partner feeling resentful or manipulated
* Fight successfully, so that both sides feel that issues are sorted * Enjoy differences between you
* Learn how to successfully bond,

not just through sex but by affection, tenderness, sensuality and comfort too

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