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Re-evaluation Counselling 1:

Grow, Love yourself, Change the World

RC: DIY counselling
Re-evaluation Counseling (RC)
has some similarity with Co-counselling International (CCI). Both teach you how to work in pairs as equals and encourage you to let out your feelings and reflect on how to change your behaviour. In both you divide your counselling time equally between you. Half the time one of you is the counsellor and the other the person talking. You then change roles.

A left wing approach
RC however is much more formally organised than CCI. It has leaders and teachers, as well as extensive

theory. Much of the theory comes from its left wing tradition. It encourages you not only to work on issues that come up in your everyday life such as relationships and work but also on your background. This could include things such as class, religion or nationality. There is no pressure to use this approach to become politically active. However, RC doesn't just see itself as an organisation that helps people understand themselves better and have happier lives. It also hopes that its approach will also lead to a fairer world for everyone.

There are teachers and communities all over the World. Both learning RC and going on its workshops are cheap. For example, around £30 for a simple weekend workshop. To find out more, click here.

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