Big boys do cry
"Been there. Done that. Got the
". Re-evaluation Counseling encourages members to work in pairs
to release feelings as a way of healing old hurts

Re-evaluation Counselling 2:

The RC Challenge:
What makes RC special is its mix of politics and sociology as well as psychology"

But what makes it work is the sense of safety and belonging at events. I was actively involved in RC for about eight years. I don't think it is for everybody, any more than any of the other organisations I have mentioned on this website. It is quite leftwing and structured. Harvey Jackins, now

long dead, who started it was accused of being abusive and undemocratic . However, in my personal experience, I found the workshops I went to very poweful. I confronted issues I wouldn't have done with most other approaches that ignore how the way society is organised impacts on us. I emotionally began to deal with some of my own fears around class, race and war. These proved as equally damaging to me as traditional mother and father issues.

I liked and felt supported by the people I met locally in RC in the UK. I found its theories interesting. Some I agreed with and some I didn't.

If you like the sound of it, give it a go. For details click here.

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